Study in USA

Foothill + De Anza

Foothill and De Anza (FHDA) Community College is famous for securing admission into undergraduate programs at US top universities. Locate in Sillicon Valley, FHDA offers "2 years Diploma + 2 years University =  Bachelor Degree". The tuition fees of the first 2 years at FHDA only cost a fraction if compared with US university's annual tuition fees. 

There more than 100 US top universities that have been accepting FHDA graduates including University of California Berkeley, UCLA, Columbia University, Pepperdine University, California Institute of Technology, MIT, Yale, Cornell, Purdue University and many more.

FLS International operates 5 community colleges in the state of California and 1 in the state of Massachusetts. FLS is famous among students from Middle East, Japan, PRC, Taiwan, South Korea and Rusia for providing entry pathways into US top universities. FLS 2 years diploma is equivalent to the first year of bachelor studies at US universities so students only need to do the remaining 2 years to complete a US university bachelor degree.  

FLS has direct transfer arrangements with all campuses of University of California, California State University, Boston University, all campuses of Uni. Massachusetts, Northeastern Uni. and Suffolk Uni.

FLS also offers English preparation, testing preparation (TOEFL, IELTS and SAT) and high school programs.