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Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the Australian border is still closed for foreign visitors including international students.  While international students who are already in Australia are now studying on-campus, those who are still outside Australia can start their study online. Australian colleges and univerities are still accepting applications, and until the Australian government opens the border, the new students will have to start their study online. 

As soon as the border is open, these international students can come to Australia and continue their study and graduate on-campus. For graduates looking for post study working permit, the time they spent studying online due to the border closure will be counted.

Each qualification level under the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) has its equivalent level in almost every country in the world, including yours. There is also a qualification at Diploma level in Australia, and if you are living in Indonesia, it is equivalent to the 3-year Diploma 3 (D3) qualification. The Australian Diploma has the following features:

  1. It is fully recognised by each of its respective Australian professional bodies so it is fully accepted worldwide
  2. Duration of study is mostly 1 year, some programs go to 2 years.
  3. English is used as medium of language, so it will give additional benefit to master English for most of the non-English native speakers. This is important to get jobs.
  4. Credit points from the diploma course are fully transferable up to full first year of study at bachelor course in almost all universities in Australia

Due to COVID-19, Australian government has closed the country's border for international travelers, including new international students. Hence all off shore students currently must study ONLINE from Australian institutions.

We invite Indonesian students, or any international students currently in Indonesia, you to participate in a survey to measure the interest of students on Australian Diploma during the current pandemic. The current survey only focus on diploma of business and diploma of information technology.  The survey is in Indonesian language


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Study in Australia

The foundation program is an excellent pathway to enter top universities in Australia. You do not have to complete high school to apply to the foundation program since it will accept your year 11 school rapport. Upon completion, students can progress into the 1st year to bachelor programs of their choice. Hence the foundation program do not add another year of study in achieving your bachelor degree, as it replaces the year 12 program that you suppose to do if you choose to stay at your current high school.

Apart from being an excellent pathway into Australian top unviersities Selain, students will also receive an ample dose of academic and study skill preparation. The foundation program covers academic subjects that are relevant to the chosen undergraduate major. This will provide a strong foundation for the students to succeed in their study that will enable them to achieve excellent scores towards their graduation.

For students who have completed high school, these Diploma programs are excellent pathways into bachelor programs at Australia's top universities. These programs secure their place straight to the second year of their bachelor programs.


Our Recommendation

Established in 1890, UTAS is the 4th oldest public university in Australia and among the top 2% of world universities. It is located on the state island of Tasmania, which is famous for its clean, safe and tranquil environment with affordable cost of living

UNE is located in a quite, celan and affordable city of Armidale, NSW. It has been providing high quality tertiary education since 1930.

It is located in Perth, WA. Phoenix offers Diploma of Business and English preparation programs for high school graduates who wish to trasnfer direct into the second year of bachelor of business or bachelor of commerce programs at all public universities in Perth


It is located in both Sydney and Melbourne, offering bachelor and master programs in business and IT, in conjunction with Federation University and the Universisty of Sunshine Coast. It also provides diploma courses in business, information technology and child care, whose credits can be transfered to related bachelor programs at any public universities in Australia