MBA Pratama conducts promotional activities for its institutional clients in Indonesia. This is to make their programs, student services and facilities known to the Indonesian, especially students and their families both current and potential.  We conduct the activities within a periodic schedule to ensure a gradual increase of awareness and also becomes a continuous reminder to the target audience about why they should apply to the study program.

The promotional messages are mostly spread through online channels such as social media and website. 90% of the activities are generic promotions in forms of articles, graphics, and video about the institutions and their programs. The format of the message would not be monotone but rather presenting the programs through various approaches such as about certain profession and how the study program of a particular institution can assist students to enter the profession. It could also be about challenges faced by international students in foreign countries and how student services of a particular institution can assist students to cope with the challenges. There are many issues that can be linked to the features of the institutions and their programs. To determine the right issues to be published, MBA Pratama implements media monitoring activities on social media, online media, television, radio and also print media.  

Media monitoring by MBA Pratama is also used to measure the strength of the brand, both MBA Pratama and its institutional clients. If required, the institutional client may request a specific report on its brand strength in Indonesia. MBA Pratama will charge a certain fee to produce such a report.  

MBA Pratama also organises promotional events on behalf of institutional clients. This can be in any size, from a small gathering for students and parents for a breakfast briefing to a tour to visit the institutions and their cities.